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The salesman

  • Number:5
  • Workplace:Guangdong dongguan
  • Deal:
  • Release Date:2018-05-04

5 salesmen

Working place: dongguan, guangdong

College degree

Working experience is unlimited

9/5000 Age is 25-40

Gender male

There is no restriction on current residence

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the market development of modified materials, dyeing materials and raw materials, and completing the business volume targets set by the company and departments;

2. Responsible for the follow-up and maintenance of old customers assigned by the company to increase trading volume;

3. Responsible for market research and collection of market information as required by the company;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the company.

Job benefits:

Subsidized meals, phone subsidies, endowment insurance, medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, birth insurance and housing accumulation fund, 8 hour day, double cease, paid annual holiday, the national legal holiday probation on full pay, bonuses, free training, free medical

Work address: dongguan zhonghua huamei plastics co., LTD., no. 247 mingzhu road, xitalong management district, shatian town, dongguan city, guangdong province

Interview address :(ibid.)

Contact person: miss Chen

Contact number: 0769-88867757 to 8688

Mobile phone number: 18929121678

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